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Our specially formulated organic nerve blend is like a mini vacation for your nervous system. Take a breath, smell the flowers and let this blend melt the tension away.
This combination of all natural ingredients helps to stabilize and balance the nerves. This is the perfect blend to combat stress, overwhelm and nervous tension. Get relaxing on the pristine imaginary beach of serenity with Pure Organica’s classic Nerve Blend.
Our soothing Nerve Blend is a tonic for body and mind. Made with a unique combination of all natural, organic ingredients that specifically work to stabilize and balance the nerves. These traditional and time-tested components are all known to have powerfully beneficial
effects on the nervous system as well as aiding general wellbeing. Give stress, anxiety, nervous tension, mind fog and overwhelm the flick with our  specifically curated Nerve Blend.
We’ve thoughtfully combined the most effective organic ingredients for supporting the nervous system – ashwaganda, goji juice powder, schisandra berries and sweet potato. Each known for various stress relieving and tonic properties.
Ashwaganda is recognized for its stabilizing, calming effect on the body and mind and has been used for thousands of years to aid nervous conditions. It’s also a known adaptogen –which means it has properties that help the body cope with both physical and psychological
stress. Feel the benefits of increased vitality and more restful sleep as Ashwaganda promotes a strong immune system as well as a calm, balanced nervous system. This is a grounding herb that promotes inner strength and stamina. In the Ayurvedic system it’s
believed that when the nervous system is strong, the emotions will become more stable, enabling the body and mind to rejuvenate and experience greater calm and clarity.
Goji berries are a potent superfruit known for their ability to defend and support the nervous system. If you’re having trouble with memory, mental clarity or any other neurological functions, you will benefit from having goji power in your diet. High in calcium and vitamins C and B, as well as being loaded with all 9 essential amino acids, goji berries pack a big nutritional punch. Most importantly, goji berries are high in essential fatty acidsthat are vital for healthy function of the brain and nervous system.

One of the fundamental herbs in Chinese herbal medicine, Schisandra berries, come packed with bountiful goodness including high Vitamin C and E levels, natural antioxidant properties, and toning, astringent properties. This ingredient is used to soothe anxiety, assist with sleep, and help maintain overall wellbeing. Schisandra is the ultimate de-stress berry. Like Ashwaganda, Schisandra is an adaptogen that supports the body’s own natural function to cope with internal and external stressors. It helps to strengthen and fortify the nervous system, enabling a grounded and calm state of being for body and mind. Sweet potato is known for its implications for longevity and overall wellbeing. It’s rich in
antioxidants, potassium, manganese, calcium and packed with vitamins A, C, B and E. This food helps improve memory and cognition, so it’s great for the brain. Sweet potato also supports healthy function of the nerves since it’s packing high levels of 5 out of 8 B vitamins.
Because the sugars in sweet potato are slow release, they help promote even balance in the body systems, providing regular energy without any sugar highs or lows. Sweet potato is adelicious, grounding and nutrient rich food that’s perfect for providing support and harmony to the nervous system. Neutralize stress with this potent blend of balancing, calming and stabilising elements. This blend is formulated to provide deep grounding and inner strength while tonifying the nervous system. Allow relaxation to replace overwhelm and welcome harmony with the support of our all organic Nerve Blend. This nourishing, stabilizing and antioxidant-rich
blend is delicious added to your favourite smoothie, juice or bowl.